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USN Expeditionary Strike Groups

    The Battle Fleet is organized, since 2004, as independent Carrier Strike Groups and Expeditionary Strike Groups. The new ESG has great independence of operation and consists of an Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) with the addition of a supporting cruiser, destroyers and submarine. Although the same ships tend to operate together, these ships are assigned to an ESG label at each deployment. It is easier to use name (Flagship) Strike Group. Supporting ships are not known until deployment and can receive other assignments before and during deployments. Units shown in gray were together on the last deployment
    America (LHA-6) ARG (Amphibious Ready Group) based in San Diego, Deploys Aug'17. Returns 5Feb'18.
         America (LHA-6) 
         San Diego (LPD 22)
         Pearl Harbor (LSD 52) 
         15th MEU  Marine Air-Ground Task Force
    Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151) Chosin (CG 65) relieves San Antonio (LPD-17) 6Nov'09 as flagship of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) 
    established at Manama, Bahrain, 8 Jan '09  specifically for counter-piracy operations.  
    Fourteen nations have sent ships to counter piracy and rotate command. 
    	Vella Gulf (CG 72)	Mahan (DDG 72)	
    	Monterey (CG 61)	Lewis and Clark (T-AKE 1)
    28June'09 Anzio (CG 68) relieved Gettysburg (CG 64) as the flagship. 
    Essex Amphibious Readiness Group (EsxARG) Based in San Diego;  Deploys 12May'15, arrive 5th Jun'15. Begin return 1Nov'15. Return 30Nov'15.
        Essex (LHD 2) 
        Anchorage (LPD 23)  	
        Rushmore (LSD 47)     
        15th Marine Expeditionary Unit 
    Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group,  KSG ESG  Deploys 13Aug'10 Pakistani relief. 2Mar'11 departs to Med towards Libya  16May'11 home. 
    Deployed to Med 11Mar'13. ...  Arrived home 1Nov'15.  PreDeployment Exercise 14Oct'18. 18Dec'18 deploys 
       Kearsarge (LHD 3)
       Arlington (LPD 24)				
       Fort McHenry (LSD 43)			
       22th Marine Expeditionary Unit
    Boxer Amphibious Readiness Group (BoxARG) Based in San Diego; 
    BoxerReturned Oct'11. Deployed 22Feb'11 for WestPac; arrives 6Mar'11.  AGR deploys 26Aug'13 . Returned 24Apr'14. Deploys 12Feb'16. Deploys 6May'19.
        Boxer (LHD 4) 	
        John Murtga (LPD 26)	      
        Harper's Ferry (LSD 49)      
        13th Marine Expeditionary Unit 
    Peleliu (LHA-5) Amphibious Ready Group  of ESG 7    
    19Sep'12 deploys. AUG'14 deploys for PHIBLEX
    	Peleliu (LHA-5)		
    	Gramantown (LPD-42)	
            31st MEU 
    Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Strike Group (Amphibious Ready Group)-- 5Nov'10 Into Yard period.  Exercises Oct'11. 
    To forward deployed to Sasabo, Japan, replacing Essex. HQ Okinawa.  
    Feb'11 Thailand.  18Mar'11 Disaster Relief. May'12 Essex to San Francisco. 24Jan'13 to Thailand. 17Feb'14 deploys for exercises. Apr'15 completes 3-month exercise
        Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6)	
        Green Bay (LPD-20)  2015.    Denver LPD 9 Decomm Sep'14.			
        Ashland (LSD-48)
        31st Marine Expeditionary Unit 
    Iwo Jima ARG. 2nd Fleet, Atlantic . 26Aug'08 Deployed , 25Mar'09 Returned . Deployed 27Mar'12. Return 18Dec'12. 2014 to relocate to Mayport Aug'14. Deployed.  Deploys 7Feb'18.
      Iwo Jima  (LHD 7) 				 
      New York  (LPD 21)
      Oak Hill  (LSD 51)
      26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
    Makin Island Expditionary Strike Group 3  Deploys 14Nov'2011. Relieves Bataan group 10Jan'12. Deploys 25Jul'14. 
    Returned 25F4eb'15
        Makin Island (LHD 8)
        San Diego (LPD 22)
        Comstock (LSD 45)
        11th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
    Bataan Expeditionary Strike group (ESG). 
           March 2011 to deploy early from Norfolk to Med (Libya) to relieve Kearsarge ARG.
           Deploys April'11. Relieved by Makin Island group 10Jan'12. 
           Deploys 08Feb'14 to 5th and 6th Fleet. Return 31Oct'14.
    	 Bataan (LHD- 5)
    	 Mesa Verde (LPD-19)
    	 Gunthen Hall (LSD-44)
    	 22nd MEU 
    Wasp (LHD-1)  Employed to test new systems:  MV-22B Osprey, then F-35B.
    To decomm fy'13.  not happen 
    Six month deployment 2016, home to Norfolk 24Dec'16.  To Sasabo 2017. 18Mar'18 Patrol Indo-Pacific with 6 F-35Bs attached.
    Returned Sasebo 26Apr'18.
    	Wasp (LHD-1)
    	Grteen Bay (LPD 20)
    	Ashland (LSD 48)
    	with Sterett (DDG 104) 
                 Dewey (DDG 105)
    	31st MEU  

    Military Sealift Command operates more than 114 noncombatant, civilian-crewed ships that replenish Navy ships at sea, chart ocean bottoms, conduct undersea surveillance, strategically pre-position combat cargo at sea around the world, and move 95 percent of military equipment and supplies used by deployed U.S. forces.
    * USNS Arctic (T-AOE-8), fast combat support ship, 754 feet, provides food, fuel, supplies and ammunition to a carrier strike group with 160 civilian crew and 60 sailors.
    Dock in a ship type implies a mother ship : LHD, LPD, LSD.

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