USN Carrier Strike Groups 2008
Formerly   Battle Groups

  1. KITTY HAWK CV -63   The "Battle Cat" returned from forward deployed at Sasabo, Japan. January'08 home port. 28May'08 deploys from Japan after ten years. Replaced by George Washington. To retire 2009.
  2. ENTERPRISE CVN-65   Returned 20Dec'07 from deployment
    KENNEDY CV-67   Decommissioned 23Mar'07 July'07 to Norfolk.
  3. NIMITZ CVN-68   San Diego Sept'07 heading home from deployment. 24Jan'08 deploys to replace Kitty Hawk while in maintenance. 3Mar So Korea. Exercise with Essex. June'08 return.
  4. EISENHOWER CVN-69   Norfolk. 23May'07 returned from deployment. July'07 exercises.
  5. VINSON CVN-70   "Gold Eagle", Bremerton, WA. 15Nov'05 into drydock Norfolk for 3-year refuel and major overhaul. Aug'08 Crew back
  6. ROOSEVELT CVN-71 , Norfolk.   10Mar'07 Into yard for 9-mo maint. 17Mar'08 to sea for quals. 24May complete quals. 8Sept'08 deploy. 4Oct CapeTown, S.Afr. Off Afghanistan
  7. LINCOLN CVN-72   Everett, Wash. July'07 Underway qualifications. 24Aug'07 passed quals. CSG 9. May'08 in Gulf. Sep'08 at Pearl returning home. Oct 9 arrived SanDiego. Dec Training, home Everett, Wash.
  8. WASHINGTON CVN-73   Depart Norfolk, 7April'08 to forward deploy to Yokosuka, Japan, replacing Kitty Hawk (CV-63). Fire 22May'08. Depart for Japan 21Aug'08. Arrive Yokosuka Sept. 25 Oct 2 exercises.
  9. STENNIS CVN-74   Bremerton, WA. 29Sept'07 to 6-mo dry dock. Jan'08 out of drydock. Mar'08 return from trials. May training. June FltExercise. Oct test Growler EA-18G.
  10. TRUMAN CVN-75   Norfolk. Nov'07 Deploy. May'08 returning through Med.
  11. REAGAN CVN-76     San Diego. May'07 Maint. Nov'07 trials. Exercise 17Mar'08 to 7Apr. 20May08 Deploy. 19June Hong Kong; July Japan; Aug Malaysia; Nov heads home.
  12. U.S.S. George H.W. Bush   CVN-77     to commission Jan. 10, 2009. Then builder's trials.
    The fleet reorganized in 2004 separating the Battle Fleet into independent Carrier Strike Groups and Expeditionary Strike Groups. The new ESG has greater independence of operation and consists of an Amphibious Ready Group with the addition of a supporting cruiser, destroyers and submarine. Six carrier strike groups can be deployed within 30 days; two more CSG can reinforce or rotate within three months.
    Military Sealift Command operates more than 110 noncombatant, civilian-crewed ships that replenish Navy ships at sea, chart ocean bottoms, conduct undersea surveillance, strategically pre-position combat cargo at sea around the world, and move 95 percent of military equipment and supplies used by deployed U.S. forces.
    * USNS Arctic (T-AOE-8), fast combat support ship, 754 feet, provides food, fuel, supplies and ammunition to a carrier strike group with 160 civilian crew and 60 sailors.

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