My father was a Marine during WWII stationed on-board the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor.  In getting him to talk about Pearl Harbor, he said the following:  On Dec. 6th they came aboard the Oklahoma and asked for some Marines to volunteer to protect the women and children on-board the Henderson on the trip home.  Volunteers would get extra  shore leave.  My father volunteered immediately.  They were told the Henderson was departing the next day and they could go now or in the morning.  My father went immediately.  (His explanation was that he was a Sargent and he who gets there first gets the choice of berth)  When the attack happened, the Marines started cleaning the cosmoline out of the anti-aircraft guns while the sailors got the ammunition.  The Henderson was outbound with guns firing as the  last of the planes flew over Pearl Harbor.  My father remembers that both of the ships in front of the Henderson took  torpedoes and he was thankful that both turned aside from the exit from Pearl Harbor as if they had sunk in the entrance,  the harbor could have been closed.  He believed the ship in front of them was a Matson line steamer.