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Frank Jack Fletcher was born in Marshalltown, Iowa, on 29 April 1885. Appointed to the U. S. Naval Academy from his native state in 1902, he graduated from Annapolis on 12 February 1906 and was commissioned an Ensign on 13 February 1908 following the required two years at sea.

Frank went off to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md, in 1902. Each Senator and Representative may recommend two candidates for midshipmen each year. The candidate must be between sixteen and twenty years of age at the time of the examination for admission. Candidates must be physically sound and over five foot two and at least 105 pounds at age 16 and, these numbers increase with age. The entrance examination is on Grammar, Geography, U.S. and World History, and Arithmetic. If the candidate passes, he immediately goes to the Academy. The course of study is six years four years at the Academy and two years at sea followed by an examination for final graduation and assignment to one of the lower ranks of officers of the Navy or Marine Corps. Frank Jack graduated 26th in his class of 1906 with high marks in conduct, efficiency, ordinance, and seamanship.
During the four years at Annapolis Naval Academy, a midshipman develops a passing or close acquaintanceship with members of seven classes, in his case, the classes of 1903 through 1909. This group was to comprise much of the naval leadership during World War Two. Twenty two of 116 graduates of his class achieved flag rank. Names from that seven year period that earned fame in the War include :

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