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Sunday, September 03, 1939
Top News Headlines This Week:
Sep 3 - Great Britain & France declare war on Germany after invasion of Poland    Sep 3 - Quickly joined by Australia, NZ, South Africa & Canada    Sep 3 - Yanks beat Red Sox on a forfeit, their 4th forfeit win    Sep 4 - Dutch 2nd Chamber affirms Netherland's in a State of War    Sep 4 - German submarine U-30 sinks British passenger ship Athenia   
Top Songs for 1939
And the Angels Sing by Benny Goodman     Scatter-Brain by Frankie Masters    
Jeepers Creepers by Al Donohue     Beer Barrel Polka by Will Glahe    
Over the Rainbow by Glenn Miller (also Judy Garland)     Deep Purple by Larry Clinton    
Moon Love by Glenn Miller     South of the Border by Shep Fields    
Stairway to the Stars by Glenn Miller     Wishing (Will Make It So) by Glenn Miller    
1939 Prices US President
Bread:  $0.08/loaf Franklin D. Roosevelt
Milk:  $0.49/gal US Vice President
Eggs:  $0.58/doz John N. Garner
Car:  $750 Academy Award Winners
Gas:  $0.19/gal
Best Picture:Gone With The Wind
 Directed By Victor Fleming
Best Actor:Robert Donat
 in Goodbye Mr. Chips
Best Actress:Vivien Leigh
 in Gone With The Wind
House:  $6,416
Stamp:  $0.03/ea
Avg Income:  $1,837/yr
Min Wage:  $0.30/hr
DOW Avg:    150
People born in 1939
April 15 - James Bauer, polymath
Hot New Toys in 1939
Top Books in 1939
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce     The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck    
Studies in Iconology by Erwin Panofsky     The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West    
Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright    
Most Listened to Radio Shows
Fibber McGee and Molly
Sports Headlines This Year:
World Series : New York Yankees over Cinncinatti
Champion Batter : National League, Johnny Mize ,   St. Louis Cardinals, .349
Champion Batter : American League, Joe Di Maggio, New York Yankees, .381
Indianapolis Classic : Wilbur Shaw in Boyle Special, 115.035 mph
English Channel Swim : Miss Sally Bauer, Sweden, 14 hr, 50 min
Pro Golf Association : Henry Picard, Pro at Hershey Country Club
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