USS Achiba (AK-23 / AKA-6)

Subject:  Midget sub attack Alchiba Solomons 1942
Do you have any more details other than shown on your site of the
submarine attacks on the USS Achiba? You have indicated those on
Nov 28 and Dec 7 1942 were carried out by midget subs from I-16 and
I-24. But I can not unearth anything further about these attacks.

An ex US Marine who was there at the time and observed the second
attack when the ship was beached, has had an article published
about that event in the latest edition of The Naval Historical
Review published here in Sydney. He wrote to me at my old address
left over 7 years, and I have no idea of how he came by that.

The US Navy told him that the attack came from I-16, but the sub
he says he saw did not carry any deck gun, I believe as you have
reported this attack he saw was made by a midget, hence no deck gun.

Any further light you may be able to throw on this incident
would be most welcome.