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Between the Wars
    The End of WWI leads to WW2
    Authorized Ship Construction, 1931-45
    Before We Were In, 1932-42
    Belligerent Acts before we were in.
The Early Years     War: 1937 ,1938 ,1939 ,1940 ,1941 ,1942 .  
    Homefront : U.S. 1939 , 1940 , 1941 , 1941 , 1942 , Population , reminisces
    Attacks and Threats on U.S., 1939-45 Pearl Harbor :   Countdown   |   Attack   |   First Days     Pacific War, 1942 :     Jan , Feb , March , April , May , June , July , Aug , Sept , Oct , Nov , Dec. 1943. Both Navies rebuild while marines and soldiers fight in the jungles. Marines take the Gilbert Islands. Jan'43 , Feb'43 - Dec'43. 1944. Central Pacific retaken, MacArthur moves north. Marines take the Marshalls. Then the Marianas with the enemy air fleet decimated in the Philippine Sea "Turkey Shoot" and the Japanese battle fleet is destroyed at Leyte Gulf in the return to the Philippines. Japanese carrier Shinano. B-29 bombing starts from the Marianas.
Jan-Mar'44 , Apr-Jun'44 , Jul-Aug'44 , Sep'44 , Oct'44 , Nov'44 , Dec'44
1945. Iwo Jima supports bombing of Japanese industry. Okinawa taken as a base for the invasion of Japan in the Fall. Kamikazes show resistance as the home islands are approached. The remaining Japanese fleet is destroyed in the shipyards.
    Jan'45 , Feb , March , April , May , June , July , Aug , Sept , Oct - Dec , 1946
The Final Months People
Ships: Namesake Ships Naval Air Reference Section: Essays
World War T (Terrorism / Today )    
Fleet News
US Fleet Ships with pictures,
Next Generation equipment
Editorials & References

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